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African Shepherds Cooperative was established in 2017 and registered under the name “62 African Shepherds Primary Cooperative Limited“. It is a collective initiative that will helps those who believe in conjugating efforts together to obtain results that improve the lives of the members. It is intended to uplift the economic and social levels of Africans who believe in prospering in all aspects of life.

Challenges that have market our continent for many decades are mainly poverty, inequality, unemployment and specifically the inaccessibility to financial credit facility. For years Africans, have stretched their hands to the external world with the expectation to get assistance but these attempts have only yielded to the exploitation and depletion of “rare” resources and drain of brain. The situation is also mocked when the Word of God is preached to promise prosperity in all aspects without deepening on means and ways through which the fortunes of the African people can be changed. An in-depth thought on these issues has led the Founding Members of the African Shepherds Cooperative to rely on their African blood and strong believe on the Word based financial principles, as common bond, to establish a platform that can create a difference, make Africans stand together, work together and be counted among other continents.

Actions taken in isolation to overcome life challenges are often ineffective but when taken collectively, they become effective. It is with this spirit that the founding members met for the first time on the 3rd day of June 2017, in Pretoria, to lay the foundation of the African Shepherds Primary Cooperative Limited.

To be a structured and reliable platform and secure the members’ assets, South African legislation requires abide by the Cooperative Act and register with the Company and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC); National Treasury; and, National Cooperative Financial Institution of South Africa (NACFISA).